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We at JD Coin are different. By different, we mean literally as the main strength of JDC is its utility. JD Coin is an open-sourced blockchain-based decentralized smart money. JDC is controlled by a decentralized network with a transparent set of rules, offering an efficient means of transferring money over the internet. Our exclusivity lies in our ability to give power in the hands of our crypto traders and attract more and more users as possible in a lasting way.

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Jhon Banga JD Coin
Jhon Banga

Managing Partner

Jhon Banga, the Managing partner at JD Coin LLC with More than 30 years' experience in management

Deepak Prashar JD Coin
Deepak Prashar


Deepak is one of the Co founder’s at JD Coin LLC with 28 years of proven expertise in various

Dr Bhupinder Singh JD Coin
Dr. Bhupinder Singh


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JD Coin is a popular name in the world of cryptocurrency market. JD Coin, based out of USA, kicked off its success journey in April, 2018 with a simple yet challenging mission of creating a secure process of trading, designed for mass adoption with industry-leading transaction speeds. JD coin is coming up with the next generation blockchain aiming to resolve the problems carried away with the previous generations of blockchain. Blockchain 4.0 is poised to solve the issues of the previous generations of blockchain in a more structured & scalable manner with the help of AI, ML, Data Compression, Sharding, and many other advanced technologies.

Dr. Bhupinder Singh, JD Coin CEO APAC comes from a small city of Amritsar, in Punjab which is also famous for Golden Temple. Dr. Singh always aimed to cross the continents high and wanted to do things on a global platform.

JD COIN is the brainchild of Dr. Bhupinder Singh who is based out of Idaho, USA. According to Dr. Singh, his vision with JD Coin is to create technologies where they can reach every internet user across the globe, using cryptography or blockchain. They are looking at the optimization of the world economy towards the smart virtual currency and maximization of every asset, means of ownership, the fluidity of markets, and mechanism of payments in a much faster and safer environment.

To lead the blockchain revolution in order to create a global crypto marketplace where buyers and sellers can buy, sell, and trade, in the most secured and trusted manner. Imagine the benefits of this type of money – something that isn’t controlled by banks or inflation, rather controlled by the peers that own it.

JD Coin is paving its way to take the crypto industry with a storm by leading us to better and faster version of technology to address the real-world problems in more practical and cost-effective manner. Addressing the crucial component of consensus algorithm in any blockchain system which determines its performance and security, JD Coin is working on a multi-layered consensus algorithm such as a combination of POS (Proof of Stake) and POH (Proof of History) or POR (Proof of Reputation) etc., will help in providing solution for varied application scenarios with an ability to run in small footprint on devices.

The consumer-friendly JD Company is built for practical real-world use cases where traders need no prior trading experience. JD Coin is leading us to a world of faster processing and sustainable technology.

JD Coin is in the CryptoCurrency headlines! It guides and provides useful information to further the hype of digital currency worldwide by aiming to provide quality information to its users who want to make use of digital currencies. It is also geared towards guiding the users on how to protect themselves with the possible fraudulent activities associated with CryptoCurrency. With its evidence based development combined with secure, scalable and sustainable ecosystem, it helps the project remain adaptable and responsive to emerging requirements and new innovations.

JD Coin defines a new decentralized future without intermediaries and stays true and focused to its purpose as they advance and evolve. JD coin plays a sustainable foundation for individuals to transact and exchange JDC at various top-rated exchanges which offers an unrivaled level of assurance. The technology and new innovations have led excellent impressions on the users leading to greater reach and excellent JD Coin review.

JD Coin- the next generation public blockchain, empowers the future of CryptoCurrency payments worldwide. With a relatively simple goal to embrace blockchain technology, JD Coin unlocks flexibility and compliance for JD Community. The customizable interface of JD Coin offers security and integration at priority and provides the traders with access to the peer-to-peer funding market. The trusted platform adapts the full functionality for seamless on-the-tips trading. JD Users get the ultimate CryptoCurrency trading experience with forward-thinking and agile approach.

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We are one of the only companies in the crypto world with all the information available on our website. Be it our contact information, our Board of Directors, or documents pertaining to legal and other information about the company.


We are one of the only firms to comply with FinCEN (United States Department of Treasury) norms during our initial launch phase. Also, we abide by all the legal norms set out by government organizations and agencies.


We are working for our investors. Our plan of action is aimed at ensuring our investors get the maximum return out of their investment.


We have a sound Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Program in place to ensure all your transactions are secured. Also, we are registered with Secretary of State, Idaho under the Corporation Act.

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We have a sound Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Program in place to ensure all your transactions are secured. Also, we are registered with Secretary of State, Idaho under the Corporation Act.

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